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Why work with Glass Box?

1 - Speed

Answer a series of simple questions about your business and have your offering custom generated. Attorney review available within 24 hours.

2 - Cost Savings

Obtain all the necessary legal documents for your offering, tied in to a personalized electronic portal, for fraction of what the same service would cost at a traditional law firm.

3 - Transparency

Make your offering and all of your due diligence information available in one place for easy access by your management team and investors.

4 - Access to Capital

Take advantage of 21st century securities laws and use our online platform to target prospective investors in your existing network and across the nation.

A New Model for

A New Generation

For more than 80 years, both public and private companies have used a large, somewhat intimidating legal document called a “Private Placement Memorandum” or “PPM” to raise capital.

The PPM was originally constructed to provide investors with critical risk disclosures and relevant background data on the companies within which they were investing.

How Our Clients Rate Us:

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