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Capital Formation Strategy

Learn how the right strategic plan can reduce your overall cost of capital.

Clearing Risk

Learn how to mitigate your shareholder’s clearing risk as a small cap company.

Impact of Corp. Governance

Learn how the rules you set in place to prevent and manage conflicts can impact your ability to raise capital.


Learn why the method you use to raise capital could be just as important as the amount of capital you raise when preparing for an up-listing.

Investor Relations

Learn the difference between public relations and investor relations, and the basic rules for maintaining a compliant market awareness campaign.

Three Types of Financing

Learn how to classify the primary types of financing available to small cap companies—and how to avoid certain landmines associated with each.

Understanding “Stock Float”

Learn why understanding and managing your float is imperative as you attempt to raise capital.

Small Cap Arbitrage

Learn a simple strategy to get ahead of your “burn rate” and capitalize on one of the major advantages of being public.

Section 3(a)(10) Acquisitions

Learn how a seldom-used legal exemption can help you to complete your next acquisition.

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