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Glass Box offers a powerful suite of services for both early stage private companies and small cap public companies seeking to raise capital.

As a fintech company, licensed as a law firm, our core mission is to make the process of raising money more fluid. We have deconstructed the private securities offering process and rebuilt it for today’s modern era—for the digital age, post JOBS Act.

Glass Box clients can now use a single portal to quickly generate a legally compliant, easy-to-understand offering that can be marketed to a broad base of accredited and institutional investors. With Glass Box, there is no need to navigate esoteric securities regulations to determine (1) what investment structure should be selected, (2) what disclosures should be made, (3) what type of investors can be pursued, (4) how such investors can be pursued, and (5) what data needs to be collected from subscribers. Our system guides you seamlessly through the development of your offering, helps you easily manage the subscription process and gives you a cost-effective mechanism to legally market your opportunity to a targeted investor base. This is all without forcing you to break the bank on legal fees or wait months to go to market.

If you are an existing company seeking to raise capital, please see our Offering Portal Service pages for Private Companies or Public Companies to learn more. If you are seeking to form a company with the expectation of raising capital in the future, please see Startup Services.

Private consultations are also available for more customized services.

Steve Gribben, Founder and President of Glass Box Law, Inc.

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