Introducing a single platform that can help you develop your offering, market to investors, administer subscriptions, and even support a second market for your shares.

A Single Platform to Streamline Your Entire
Capital-Raising Process

Present your offering in the most compelling way possible.

Tell your story via a professional, legally compliant digital offering portal - complete with cinema quality video presentations, your own customizable data room, and seamless subscription functionality.

Digitize the roadshow experience and expand your investor base.

Plug in to Glass Box’s virtual venture conferences, broaden your reach through strategically targeted “investor mining” campaigns, and present to Glass Box’s existing network of qualified investors.

Change the entire risk profile of your opportunity.

Open up a unique Second Market platform to enable your investors to sell their interests on their timeline, without the hassle and cost associated with becoming an early-stage public company.


The Glass Box platform will enable your company to raise capital in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.


Gone is the old stodgy Private Placement Memorandum. The Glass Box platform will change the way you raise funds. Simply answer a series of detailed questions about your company and your objectives, upload relevant legal and financial documents, and let us handle the rest. We will construct a unique offering portal for your opportunity, with a complete set of individualized legal offering documents and a digital system to certify prospective investors. And if you want to make your offering truly come alive, our marketing partners can help you produce a cinema-quality introductory video to succinctly tell your story and highlight your management team.



Once your offering portal is constructed, you will begin your “digital road show”--marketing to (1) prospects in your network, (2) prospects in the Glass Box network, and (3) prospects across the internet at large. With the helping hand of Glass Box’s digital marketing partners, you will be able to develop and host webinars, present at live and virtual venture conferences, and build out social media campaigns to drive qualified prospects to your portal.



After you have taken your offering to market, Glass Box will help you seamlessly manage the subscription process. Within your offering portal, Glass Box’s “Investor Certification” and “Subscription Tracker” functions will enable you to collect and review all of the legal and financial information that must be considered before admitting prospective investors. Further, your Subscription Tracker will make it easy to organize and maintain all of your subscription records for future reference. (You will likely find this feature to be invaluable in the event of a sale, restructuring, redemption, or audit.)



After you have completed your offering, you will be able to use Glass Box to apply for “Second Market Certification.” This will enable your company to convert its issued and outstanding shares into digital form—making your shares visible on your investors’ brokerage statements. Further, Second Market Certification will allow your investors to access up-to-date data on your company, should they wish to later resell or borrow against their positions via their own Glass Box “Second Market Portals.” Ultimately, Second Market Certification will make it easier for your investors to monetize their positions.

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Trusted Legal Counsel

I have known the founder of Glass Box Law, Steve Gribben, for more than 13 years—as a friend, business partner and trusted legal counsel. He has been instrumental in the development of our direct lending business—helping us to obtain critical government certifications and a variety of investor relationships. He continues to be a trusted resource.

Alexander Kim

HomeFirst Mortgage Bankers

A Remarkable Tool

The Glass Box portal system is a remarkable tool. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is seeking to raise capital efficiently—especially if they have or are willing to develop a strong online social network.

Frank Aziz


Deep Securities Knowledge

I would highly recommend Steve Gribben’ s law firm [Glass Box Law]. Steve has worked with me at two different self-clearing broker dealers, as both a lawyer and an investment banker. He has demonstrated a deep knowledge of securities law pertaining to PIPE transactions, second market transactions, and debt restructuring.

Chris Frankel

prior CEO
COR Clearing LLC (now Axos Clearing LLC)

A Stand Out Among Peers

I have known Steve Gribben for more than six years and referred some of my most trusted relationships to his law practice for assistance with securities matters. Steve’s ability to quickly understand a given scenario from a client’s perspective, spot relevant legal issues, and structure practical solutions has made him a stand out among his peers. It has been a pleasure to work with him.

David Leiner

Executive Vice President
Celadon Financial Group, LLC

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