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Whether you are a startup or an established company, Glass Box can expand your access to qualified investors.

No longer are you limited to only those prospects within your network. You can now efficiently target a much wider pool prospects that (1) have a history of investing in projects similar to yours, (2) meet a certain level of net worth or sophistication, and (3) have expressed interest in reviewing new opportunities.

Glass Box gives you the ability to design a customized advertising campaign using email, social media and search engine strategies to drive high quality traffic to your portal page.

How our advertising plan works:

  1. CONSULTATION: Once your portal page is live, you will be able to contact Glass Box to develop a custom advertising plan.
  1. CONTENT: Depending on your offering objective and your budget, we will connect you with a pre-approved advertising agency to help you develop a mix of effective, legally compliant advertising content for search engine, social media and click funnel advertising.
  2. PUBLICATION: Upon approval of your ad content, your agency will go live with your campaign and start driving qualified prospect to your portal page.
  3. MANAGEMENT: Your agency will manage your daily ad spend and modify your message as needed to maintain optimal performance. You may elect to run your campaign for just a short while to test the market—or you may elect to leave your campaign running indefinitely. The longer your campaign runs the more sophisticated it will become, as your agency will be able to use artificial intelligence to hone in on the best people to target based on prior response rates.
What makes advertising on Glass Box unique:

Glass Box does not put your offering in head-to-head competition with other offerings—as is the case with more conventional funding portals. Instead, Glass Box give you a stand-alone portal and complete control to market your opportunity to accredited investors, as you see fit.

Who can you reach via Glass Box:

Our network

Reach out to more than 100 active investment funds, family offices and high net worth individuals who have requested to receive updates on new offerings published on Glass Box.

Your network

Reach out to friends, family, employees to show them what you are up to and ask them to spread the word.

New prospects

Reach out to new targeted prospects through social medial, search engine marketing and email—to drive traffic to your portal page and build a database for remarketing.

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