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Glass Box enables investors to efficiently resell both debt and equity securities via a unique Second Market Portal system.

Our Second Market Portal system operates as set forth below.

  • First, Glass Box will prompt you to answer a series of questions about your existing securities position.
  • Next, you will be given the opportunity to upload all supporting documents relevant to your position into your portal.
  • Once your uploads are complete, Glass Box will review your position and provide you with a preliminary indication as to whether your position can be deposited and sold through a US broker dealer under applicable securities laws.
  • If your position is available for resale, Glass Box will generate a customized Securities Purchase Agreement (“SPA”), based upon the terms you set forth in your initial intake questionnaire.
  • Next, Glass Box will provide you with a link to a “purchaser-facing” portal containing a summary of your proposed sale terms, all of the supporting documents related to your positon, and a definitive SPA for execution.  Your purchaser-facing portal can be disseminated to your contacts, the Glass Box network, or other target investors.
  • Finally, after your SPA is executed, Glass Box will assist in drafting a legal opinion for to satisfy transfer agent and clearing firm requirements.

By using the Glass Box portal for your second market sale, you will be able to (1) assemble all of your due diligence documents in one central location for prospective purchasers to review, (2) work with experienced legal counsel in the drafting of your resale documents, and (3) provide prospective purchasers with a greater sense of comfort that their positions are likely to be cleared upon purchase.

Services Included:

1. Securities Purchase Agreement

Our legal team will draft a simple, easy-to-read Securities Purchase Agreement that succinctly describes the position you are attempting to sell, satisfies your disclosure requirements and sets forth your desired resale terms.

2. Second Market Portal

We will provide you with a stand-alone portal to market your positon to your network, the Glass Box network, and other targeted investors.  Within this portal, you will be able to upload the following materials:

  • Your original purchase agreement
  • Your proof of payment
  • All prior purchase and subscription agreements in the chain title
  • All prior proof of payment documents in the chain of title
  • Any prior legal opinions
  • Any other relevant supporting documents

3. Preliminary Legal Review

Upon completing a simple data intake form and uploading relevant documents into your Glass Box portal, our legal team will provide you with preliminary guidance as to whether your position can be deposited with a bank or custodying broker dealer.

4. Document Execution

Directly within your Glass Box portal, your investors will be able to execute your custom drafted Securities Purchase Agreement. Purchasers will be required to be “accredited investors” and all appropriate attestations and supporting documents will be collected through your portal.

5. Data Room

We will give you a secure, segregated location within your portal for you to upload any relevant supplementary documents for prospective purchasers to review. Documents can be uploaded both before and after the drafting of your SPA.

6. Escrow Services

Should the terms of your SPA call for your sales proceeds to be escrowed, Glass Box can act as your escrow agent to assure that your transaction is fully consummated.

7. Legal Opinion 

Upon the execution of your SPA, Glass Box will draft a legal opinion in the name of your purchaser confirming that the securities purchased are legally available for resale.

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