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Raise capital at the current trading price of your company’s common stock.

If you are an exchange listed company or an OTCQB listed company with consistent trading volume in your stock, Glass Box can help you prepare a traditional “At-The-Market” (ATM) or “Synthetic ATM” offering to raise funds incrementally over time.

The benefits of ATM and Synthetic ATM offerings include:

  • Reduced cost of capital
  • Less dilutive than traditional PIPE financing
  • Control over your share issuances
  • More positively received by the market

ATM and Synthetic ATM facilities can be important components of well-designed capital formation strategy. These facilities can be supplemented with registered direct offerings and more traditional Reg. D offerings (which can be administered through the Glass Box portal) when larger sums of money are needed to execute a specific project or acquire a target company.

To learn more about how Glass Box can help you prepare an ATM or Synthetic ATM for your company, please contact us to set up a consultation.

Glass Box ATM and Synthetic ATM services include:

Strategic Planning

Development of a comprehensive strategy to meet your near term and long term capital raising goals.

Team Building

Introductions to Investment Bankers and Investors through the Glass Box platform to serve as your underwriters.

Document Drafting

Completion of all transaction documents, inclusive of your SEC registration statement, to facilitate your ATM or Synthetic ATM.

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