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Dear Glass Box Users,

Together we have the power to elevate our fellow entrepreneurs.

Through this platform, we can give those daring enough to chart their own course the wisdom to take calculated risk, the resources to compete with larger more well-established businesses, and the inspiration to keep fighting when all but a glimmer of hope seems to be lost.

Glass Box is not just a powerful mechanism for raising capital—it is an information marketplace through which all of its participants can grow. On the Glass Box platform – which includes podcasts, strategy sessions and newsletters – you as the Glass Box user have the power to contribute just as much as you have power to learn.

No matter your position within the business world—you can use Glass Box to make an impact. As a C-level executive, you have the power to help other executives—perhaps by joining one of our podcasts to share your experiences. As a hedge-fund manager you have the power to help the target companies with whom you invest, perhaps by contributing to our newsletter as a writer or interview subject. As an investment banker you have the power to help issuers and investors alike, perhaps by participating in one of our strategy sessions and sharing up-to-the minute insight and market knowledge.

If we use the Glass Box platform to build upon each-others’ knowledge, and then use the Glass Box portal system to test each-others’ ideas, together we will improve the overall market within which we operate.

Looking back, Glass Box began as a very simple concept. We wanted to give companies a fast, cost-effective way to get in front of targeted investors to raise capital.

Today, I see Glass Box as having a much greater purpose and value. Glass Box is a place for education, collaboration and most of all—progress.

We thank you for your contribution and look forward to elevating the venture marketplace for emerging private companies and small cap public companies together.



Steve Gribben

Glass Box - Letter Law Founder’s

About Steve Gribben


  • University of Southern California
    B.A. 1999 / Phi Beta Kappa
  • UCLA School of Law
    J.D. 2004 / Corporate Law Emphasis

Securities Licenses Obtained:

  • Series 7, 24, 63, 65 and 79


  • COR Clearing, LLC (now Axos Clearing)
    Senior Counsel –
  • HomeFirst Mortgage Bankers
    President/General Counsel –
  • Gribben & Associates, Inc.
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